Energy Healing & Stress Reduction – Introductory Workshop

Thursday, May 23 at 6:30 pm

Join us for an introductory workshop on energy healing, led by instructors of the acclaimed One Light Healing Touch Energy Healing and Mystery School.

• Discover how life-force energy flows and how to tap into your innate healing ability.
• Experience the Six Sacred Practices for self-healing and inner peace.
• Learn how to release old programming and stress.
• Become more grounded, focused, peaceful, joyful, and aware.

Sharon Johnston and Karen Ransom are One Light Healing Touch Certified Instructors and have been working with energy healing since 2006. They are based in Rhinebeck, NY.
ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH is an International Energy Healing and Mystery School that offers training in 50 self-healing practices and 33 advanced healing techniques.