Community Conversations about Climate Change: Global Problem, Local Impacts

Tuesday, May 21 at 6:30

A healthy environment is essential to strong, thriving neighborhoods. Join us for a down-to-earth Community Conversation about Climate Change, how it is impacting Staatsburg, Hyde Park & the Hudson Valley, and what we can do individually and collectively about our rapidly changing world. This forum for community discussions are a collaborative effort between the Staatsburg Library and St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church and will be facilitated by David McNary.
At this Second meeting we will discuss What is occurring in the changing climate, how can we prepare for such changes, and what changes can be modified or prevented.:
* Review of local weather patterns
* Climate Smart Community—Plans for Hyde Park, Staatsburg
* Discussion of the impact of climate change on trees in Staatsburg
* Local steps that can be taken from the Draw Down Organization

Our hope is that over six sessions we can address different aspects of climate change; identify clear and reliable sources of information about the status of climate change; identify global efforts to address it; identify the local impacts and actions that we can take as individuals and organizations; identify resources we access to continue this effort.

If you would like a copy of the materials we will be discussing in advance of the meeting please email and we will send you a copy.

Community Conversations about Climate Change:  Global Problem, Local Impacts

Jointly Sponsored by: The Staatsburg Library & St. Margaret’s Church of Staatsburg